1: NO BASERAPE: Dont shoot in ennemy base. We don t consider as being Baserape a kill if ennemy run away to his base

  2: NO BASECAMP: Linked to Rule 1. If you stay in Russian Base or on the ship, a player wanting to kill you will have to violate Rule 1.

  3: NO SOFLAM AT/TOWARD BASE:Linked to Rule 1.A player wanting to Destroy SOFLAM will have to violate Rule 1.

  4: NO STEALING VEHICLE AT BASE:Linked to Rule 1. Getting vehicle on the battlefield while fighting is allowed.

  5: NO SHOOTING VEHICLE IN WATER:Don t shoot vehicle in water with vehicle Because it is totally unfair. Only allowed with hand weapon

  6: NO PLAYING ONLY VEHICLE: A player with high skill in tank or chopper can ruin the game and make the server empty in 10 minutes.

Type !Rules in game to see the rules.
Rules are here to make the server as Fun and Fair as possible.
Its strongly recommended to follow the server's rules.
Each rule breaking will involve an infraction point.
The sanctions will go from simple warn to permanent ban
according the total of points (Max:12).

Obviously, It is very difficult to enforce these rules all the time,
depending on the number of connected admin.
!Report command can help to identify frequent rule breaker.